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From clues, find the words that contain the letters M and L in order, and any of the vowels (AEIOUY) repeated over and over.

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Forced Order
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Clue*M*L* Thing
Dinner or lunch, e.g.
African country with Bamako as its capital
Zola who wrote 'Germinal' and 'J'accuse!'
Slang for money
A chocolate based Mexican sauce
Otis' cat friend of the movies
Cyrus was who was Hannah Montana
Wife of Iago or actress Clarke on 'Game of Thrones
Peter who wrote 'A Year in Provence'
A beast of burden or kind of shoe
The capital city of Maldives
Brontë sister who wrote 'Wuthering Heights'
Letter sent from your laptop (hyphenated)
Clue*M*L* Thing
A Pacific Austronesian language
A confused fight
Be in continuous agitation
A German appliance company
5280 feet
Chain based armor
Lt. Cally's notorious Vietnam War massacre (2 words)
Bedelia of children's literature
One of Barack and Michelle's daughters
Audrey Tatou's breakthrough movie
The setting where thing happen; environment
Kunis of 'That 70's Show'

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