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It can precede lights or cross8
Standing up like bristles, archaically7
Seat for a sire6
Alpine river5
Relative of a sub or grinder4
Gardening tool3
A quintessentially Canadian interjection2
The base of the natural log1
Spanish article2
Publican's offering3
A peerage title4
The Little Mermaid5
Like y = mx + b6
Cork is found there7
Buzz or Lily, e.g.6
The lowest point5
The wife of a Raja4
It's about 78% nitrogen3
Home to Providence, U.S.A.2
The square root of negative one1
The ratio of the circumference to the diameter2
A place to apply gloss3
Jack and Jill's container4
A fold in the skin5
Situated at the uppermost point6
Part of a column7

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