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Can you name the made-up phrases that are anagrams of 'April Fools' Day' from clues?

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Relating to a King's tartan patterns
One faithless college faculty member
A riot over a very decorative bar of Ivory
A friend spoke the evidence
Places where a pale-complexioned woman may swim
In a depressing manner, destitute people don't pass
A clumsy person who is both ashen and red-cheeked
The Shakespeare edition of a young man with a grating voice
The redundant mission to decorate with yellow and white oxeyes
The disappearance at the lectern during a crowded protest
A sharp bark about a couch that costs a buck
A ridiculous act by a snake on 96.3 FM
Laze around on the couch very very quickly
Make fun of around a central axis
Ornate monies given to a DJ to play songs
The other name for the sagging of your pants' zipper
The only layer is scared
Take the skin off instant photographs
A time-honored plan used during an African animal hunting expedition
An exhibition of the offical language in Vientiane
The Marlins have a game in Baltimore

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