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Can you name words that start with DIS from both punny clues and real clues?

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Not Dat OneAnswerDis One
Dat fall flowerA calamitous event
Dat stretchy rubber circleBreak up a group
Dat portion of a playing deckThrow away
Dat place where they do physics in SwitzerlandTo see or understand the difference
Dat cable to the electrical socketConflict or strife
Dat male peerA reduction in price
Dat place where you like to play golfConversation
Dat song redone by another artistFind for the first time
Dat island where Minos livedHaving a finite or countable value
Dat swear wordHave a chat about
Dat life of luxury and relaxationMalaria, e.g.
Dat strong windRepugnance
Dat guy Reynolds who captained SerenityDreadful or gloomy
Dat month before JuneTo cause to lose courage
Dat young unmarried womanTo let students out of school
Dat Turkish reed fluteCartoonist Walt
Dat small garden plotA speedily sent message
Dat dramatic stage productionPut out for view
Dat stance for taking a pictureTo get rid of
Dat group of religious adherentsTo take apart an animal corpse
Dat hundredth of an Estonian kroonA non-concurring judicial opinion
Dat verb to crack a puzzleTo disperse into a liquid
Dat running sum of thingsProximally's opposite
Dat verb to care for a gardenTo enlarge from internal pressure
Dat drawer in a cash registerTo purify a liquid via heating
Dat bit of colorSeparate or notable
Dat wrongful legal actDeform or pervert
Dat long lock of hairSuffering or misery

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