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QUIZ: Can you name the pair of words that have one letter changed?

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For example: "A place where you live ➡ A rodent like Mickey" would be HOUSE ➡ MOUSE
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Pair of CluesWordsNew Letter
British Prime minister Cameron ➡ American actress Geena
Video game 'Assassins' ____' ➡ To slink along or an unpleasant person
A building for students on campus ➡ 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of ___'
Send something in the mail ➡ A city on the water or fortified wine
Extreme anger ➡ A zoo enclosure for an animal
A trick you play on someone ➡ A board on a ship or deck
The top one or to defeat in a fight ➡ A dark red root vegetable
Bonus Word: From the new letters

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