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QUIZ: Can you name the two-word phrases and things that are H.D. on the left and D.H. on the right?

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← H.D. and D.H. →HD/DH Thing
This 1930s feat of engineering blocks the Colorado River in Black Canyon
1956 Elvis Presley song about an animal that hadn't caught a rabbit
This nursery rhyme fixture had a bad tumble off of a wall
This is the fancy French term for appetizers or finger foods
This is the number one killer of Americans as part of 'natural causes'
The coin in the United States has JFK on one side and an eagle on the other
This long meaty tube is also called a frankfurter or wiener
This 1990s alt-rock band is probably best know for 'Flagpole Sitta'
Easter, Yom Kippur, Eid Al-Fitr, Diwali or Rosh Hashanah, e.g.
A electricity-powered appliance for unwetting your locks after the shower
A built-in mechanism that allows something to reach its designated target
This former chair of the DNC ran for president until his doomed 'scream'
A person who redoes the interior of your residence for money
One version of this features a man or several couples moving around a sombrero
One who cannot seem to put down the bottle and probably has liver damage
← H.D. and D.H. →HD/DH Thing
This movie features Bruce Willis as John McClane in Nakatomi Tower
She was the lead singer of the new wave rock band Blondie
This geometric figure is the shape that two DNA chains like to form
This is the expert who usually cleans your teeth twice a year
This is the object that you turn to gain entry into most rooms in a residence
In 1980s rock, this is the blond musical partner of John Oates
This 'West Wing' actor moved to comedy with his role of Gus on 'Psych'
Germans LOVE this 'Knight Rider' and 'Baywatch' actor and 'heartthrob'
Famed Hawaiian volcanic cone misnamed for its large calcite crystals
When the two directions of a major road have something in between them
This is what one calls a race that is essentially a tie with no winner
This equine term refers to a candidate or entrant in a race that is unlikely to win
This actor played Cher's father in the classic teen movie, 'Clueless'
This professional male dancer has won 'Dancing with the Stars' 6 times
In the American league, this player takes at bats for the pitcher

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