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Can you name the phrases that start with the letters G and M from clues?

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ClueG. M. Phrase
A respirator to protect from chemicals in the air
Maker of Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and Opel cars
Average of two numbers done as the square root of the product of two numbers
The lead singer of Wham! or son on 'Arrested Development'
The other name for the disease Rubella which comes with a red rash
The lunar phase just before or after the full phase
A venomous reptile of the southwestern US
Person-shaped Christmas cookie
Nickname for the US Gov't National Mortgage Association
Your biggest butt muscle
Lose your mind
What the cheese chevre is made from
Top prize at the Olympics
What Emily Post teaches you
Genre influenced by Negro spirituals and Christian church hymns
ClueG. M. Phrase
What Gretchen and Matt did, or any newlyweds for that matter
Where Christine Gregoire lived for 8 years in Olympia, Washington
An orange flavored brandy liqueur
American folk artist who began painting VERY late in her life
A tombstone or a stone cross, e.g.
Your brain, colloquially speaking
A car mechanic, slangily
The field with Mount Olympus, Hermes, and The Iliad
Peaks in the state of Vermont
Friar who played with pea plants to pioneer genetics
Art showplace designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Manhattan
An airborne weapon with a flight control system
How a Berliner greets you when you wake up
The fireman in 'Fahrenheit 451'
Pest whose larvae have destroyed many trees in the Northeastern US

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