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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder using the new color option?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Color of the answer field
A town in northern Uganda
A region
The Greek god of war
Very, in French
A card higher than a deuce
Color of the answer field
Color of the answer field
Kneel and talk to God
A foolish person, to a brit
Carbonized bog fuel
The sound of a bell
Color of the answer field
Relay a story
Big Ben, for example
Orb in a sporting event
Christian who plays Batman
In good health
The goal on golf course
Final thing in Pandora's Box
Slang for marijuana
A peaceful bird
___ Matthews Band
Clue4-Letter Word
American pioneer Crockett
Color of the answer field
A part of a church
To wash
Having a bum leg
Color of the answer field
2 points determine one
An evergreen tree
Color of the answer field
Choose or select
Ancient person from Scotland
Half of a quart
Held in, like emotions with 'up'
Jaunty and vivacious
Color of the answer field
Luke Skywalker's aunt
Capital of Switzerland
Lima or kidney, e.g.
Broken coat of grains
Actor Pitt of 'Fight Club'
One who has a B.A. already
Coax into something
Color of the answer field
Clue4-Letter Word
Darkened, like a font
Harry Potter's scar shape
Yacht or dinghy, e.g.
Animal of Capricorn
A painful joint disease
A huge surplus
An adhesive
Color of the answer field
Smear or make indistinct
An insult
A rundown area of a city
Color of the answer field
The end of a power cord
A mollusk with slime
Metal refining waste
Catch a string on something
Make out, to a brit
Color of the answer field
Not fast
A cabbage salad
A sharp animal paw
A Scottish family group
Color of the answer field

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