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QUIZ: Can you name the Tony-Award winning Best Musicals from a crossword type clue?

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Clue for the MusicalTony Winning Musical
666 + 1110
A major NYC crossing thoroughfare in the theatre district
This is the Engllish translation of Mozart's 'Eine kleine Nachtmusik'
Lennox, Hall or Oakley, e.g.
Positive expressions through clapping
A holy text of Latter Day Saints
A nightclub with singing dancing and usually food and drink
Burmese and tabby, e.g.
The nickname for L.A.
IBM, Home Depot, or Volvo, e.g.
This followed 3-2-1 on a children's TV show
#1 song from 1985 for Madonna from the 'Vision Quest' soundtrack
Aerosol beauty product made by Paul Mitchell or Aqua-net
A large city in Egypt or Tennessee
The square of the cube root of 27
Just a single specific time
The suffering of Christ from the Last Supper until his death
A sun-dried grape
A more polite term for a ginger
It's where much of Oceania is
A 22 mile long street that runs through Hollywood
Colossal or having great power

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