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Can you name the 4-letter words that become new words when you add ION to the end of them, from pairs of clues?

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Clue7-Letter Word+ION Clue
Egyptian goddess of warfareA stronghold or fortified area
An invoice to pay1,000,000,000
A male whaleGold or silver in purified bars
Summer recreation spot far from the cityDirection Jane of 'The Piano'
Derek the QB for the RaidersDead flesh
Ancient city along the NileThe soft pad of a couch
Greek god of loveSlow destruction by flowing water
A piece of objective informationA contention section of a group or party
SateNathan of 'Castle' and 'Firefly'
Famed French racecourse with 'Le'A large imposing residence
Swing and not hitReligious trip taken by Mormons
To heat wine with spicesA vertical member that divides window panes
Throw a footballFervor or ardor
Bic productsMoney paid out to a retiree
A fortified wineA fraction of the whole
Towards, in FrenchKing James, vis-à-vis The Bible

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