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Name the words with a double L that turn into words with a double R from clues.

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LL ClueAnswerRR Clue
Give permission toOliver Queen's secret identity
A gutA fruit on a shrub
Male steerUS duelist VP Aaron
A bit of coldnessA trilled insect sound
Lassie's breedA steep walled basin
A building wingMake a mistake
Venerate or make sacredTorment or vex
A shade of greenA county in Ireland
Coffin covering clothLast name of 'The Incredibles'
YankPleasant cat sound
A decoy for a gambler or magicianTo bake eggs until they set
A frying panA root vegetable also called the crummock
Ben of 'A Night at the Museum'One who mixes
The Boob Tube, in the UKGilliam of 'Monty Python'
Putting up barriersEngaging in battles

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