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Name the words with a double L that turn into words with a double R from clues.

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LL ClueWordsRR Clue
Calm or relieveA collection of numbers
Sporting orbActress Roseanne
An invoiceEthiopian currency
One who is cruel to usually weaker peoplePrickly
Amass or gatherNot wrong
DupeA mixture of often Indian spices
Like unused farmlandActress Mia
Carousing or revelingA small atlantic food fish
A fruity spreadSeinfeld, the commedian
A genus of showy flowersThe center of big bones
Actor Adam of 'Happy Endings'Ward off a blow from a weapon
Resembling a conch or a cowrieA fortified wine often used in cooking
An aptitudeMove quickly or flee
Caused an engine to stopHad the lead role
Add upWait or linger
A fee for a roadA unit of pressure that's also mm Hg

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