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Name the 4-letter words with an L that turn into words with an R from clues.

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L Clue4-Letter WordR Clue
Make a pitching error in baseballSound from a dog
Expel air from lungsThe forehead
Make a sound with two handsGarbage
A cabbage-based slawThe center of an apple
Use the sense of touchTo mark off land for plowing
Remove the skin from an animalA big to-do
Prepare laundry for putting awayMajor auto manufacturer
Style of Bowie musicFraction of a kilo
A stem or stalkInjury or physical damage
To be deficientA shelf or attachment for storage
Area between the oceansCurrency of South Africa
Sit about and do nothingTear down
A period before EasterMoney paid to a landlord
Green citrus fruitA frosty covering
A clay-rich soilWander
A weaving machineA section of a house
KY Jelly, e.g.A country bumpkin
VerdantDo something too quickly
A rodent hated by golf coursesOpposite of less
Remove the skin from a fruitBaron or Earl, e.g.
Gondola propellerOpening in the skin
The egoA feudal worker
Ornamental tinplateRipped
Yellow part of an eggWar of the Roses House

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