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Name the 4-letter words with an L that turn into words with an R from clues.

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L Clue4-Letter WordR Clue
Lacking tread, like a tireShakespeare, for one
Lost fluid from a cutDid animal husbandry
In a large amount, like Costco purchasesClamity Jane's surname
A spring or circle of wound wireA coarse coconut fiber
Don't get a passing gradeA circus-like event
Move a wing up and downDraw tight with ropes, like a sail
Hit with a whipA common amphibian
Covered in a thin layer of goldTo encircle or bind with a band
Frozen precpitationWhat a wig replaces
The position of control on a shipA bust statue on top of a stone pillar
Superior or Michigan, e.g.A leaf collecting tool
Three right turnsPlundered
From birth to deathAbounding
An elevator, in LondonA fissure or crevasse
An ore depositWas on a galloping horse
A brute or oafDefeat completely
Ned who inspired anti-technology work protestsActor Paul of 'Anchorman'
A moon-like shapeAn ancient character
5280 feetA bog or morass
Lacking facial colorRemove a fruit's skin with a knife
Sound of an object falling in waterAn object on the stage
A playful aquatic mammalCook the surface of
A blue-green colorOutput from the lachrymal gland
Crafty or slyLean or sinewy

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