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QUIZ: Can you name all the words or phrases that start with 'brain' that are in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary?

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Brain Word or PhraseDefinition
 a stroke
 the cranium
 an idea
 a common reef component
 a mental lapse
 lacking intelligence
 the state of having a flat eeg
 the loss of academics in an area
 having a brain
 ice cream headache
 seratonin, e.g.
 a genius
Brain Word or PhraseDefinition
 the cranium
 the act of gathering information
 intellectual ability
 having a mental disorder
 part of the brain including the medulla
 a bright idea
 a group problem solving technique
 a puzzle or poser
 a group of strategy advisers
 forcible indoctrination
 an electrical impulse in the brain

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