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Can you name these words that start with the letters 'BO' that are still words when the 'BO' is removed?

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'BO' ClueAnswer'BO'-less Clue
One who brags a lotA fall flower
The upper part of a woman's dressCraps need
CounterfeitCharacter on 'Psych'
Slang for 'to make love'The contents of a pen
Matt of 'White Collar'The sea, in French
George the famous logicianA cry heard at a bullfight
Esiason the QB turned announcerA sheaf of barley significant during Passover
Daniel the American pioneerThe lonliest number
Composer of 'Prince Igor'Sculptor of 'The Thinker'
The fifth elementDirector Howard of 'Splash'
One of 5 parts of New York CityHaving an uneven surface
A subatomic particle with integral spinA male offspring
James who wrote Samuel Johnson's biographyTo expand or puff up
A tree limbAn interjection of disgust
A cad or objectionable manBelow
Rewards for catching an outlawRemoves a knot from the laces
Relating to cattleA winding, climbing plant
Technique for playing a violinA branch of a building

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