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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter things that fit each of the following categories (OTHER THAN HARRY POTTER HIMSELF)?

Quiz Updated Oct 24, 2012

How to PlayForced Order
WARNING: There will be some spoilers if you haven't read all 7 books already.
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Name a Harry Potter ...Example
House elf
Minister of Magic
Middle name of Albus Dumbledore
House at Hogwarts
20th century Hogwarts headmaster
Weasley sibling
Voldemort's Horcruxes (generic)
Defence against the Dark Arts teacher
6-Letter incantation
Title blank 'Harry Potter and ___'
Ball in Quidditch
Dursley family member
Person who dated Ginny
Slughorn potion from first class
One of the seven Potter decoys
Name a Harry Potter ...Example
O.W.L. score
Demonym in a Triwizard dragon
Malfoy family member
Magazine or newspaper
Nickname on the Marauders' Map
Named pet of Hagrid
Class required (N.E.W.T) for auror
Unforgiveable curse
Triwizard Champion
Deathly Hallow
Hogwarts ghost
Known animagus
Position in Quidditch

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