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Can you name the things that end in IDE from clues?

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Clue-IDE Thing
Tolerate or withstand
Capital of South Australia
A helper to a military leader
Former Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand
Female wedding component
Scold or display rebuke
Occupy the same space
Crash into
Entrust secrets to
Make a final choice
Separate into multiple parts
Remove a sound from a spoken word
The killing of one's brother
Skate along the surface of
NaCl or KBr, e.g.
Stow away in secret
Not outdoors
Clue-IDE Thing
Pleasurable trip, often in a stolen car
An election victory with an overwhelming majority
Actor Danny of 'Eastbound and Down'
Lead astray
Across the entire country
To annul a veto
Household chemical used for bleaching or disinfecting
Act as chairman or moderator of a meeting
A group of lions
To supply or make available
Cattle skin or Clint Eastwood TV show
Live at a location
A dangerous ocean current
Slyly disparaging
A long step
To abate or come to an end
Slippery amusement park feature
Christmas time

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