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Can you name the fake superlatives from clues that were made by adding -EST to another clued word?

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Fake Superlative Clue-EST WordReal Word Clue
The best participle endingEat
The best part of here, in FrenchMost frozen and slippery
The best part of soaking flaxGive an exam again
The best tearMost red, vis-à-vis a Macintosh
The best term of endearmentFrank
The best part of all timeIt's taller than K2
The best short-term employeeShakespearean storm
The best painting or sculpture Metta World Peace, once
The best sea eagleHe went to camp, jail and school
The best common prepositionSherwood, Redwood, or Fangorn, e.g.
The best part of a shark or 50's carMost pure or excellent
The best embraceLargest
The best part of being hip or trendyHaving humility
The best part of making moneySerious
The best incisionMost adorable
The best part of making a big holeA summary of written things
The best part of burying someoneWhat a money market should earn
The best part of 6.022 x 1023 things (abbr.)Physically disturb someone
The best Scottish hatMost domesticated
The best pirate soundCapture a criminal

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