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Can you name the unique letter of the alphabet for each clue without blowing yourself up?

Quiz Updated Jan 30, 2012

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Vitamin to prevent scurvy
Mr. from 'The A-Team'
First letter of the alphabet
Symbol for potassium
Polysyllabic when spoken
Letter on Superman's chest
500, in Roman numerals
Agent played by Will Smith in 'Men in Black'
First person pronoun
Symbol for momentum in physics
Universal blood donor
Last letter of the alphabet
Spelled out as aitch
Letter opposite S on a map
MPAA rating for kid movies
Unique chromosome in men
James Bond's gadget maker
Silent letter in 'mnemonic'
Letter the Brits add to 'color'
The flip side of a 45
15, in hexadecimal
Chicago's train system
Shape of bird flying formation
Letter for a GOP member
Letter that looks like a Greek Chi

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