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Can you name the 6-letter words that if you remove their first letter B become a 5-letter word?

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6-Letter B Word ClueAnswer5-Letter Word Clue
Snoopy, for oneA Philadelphia footballer
The edge of a countryA demand from a judge
Dairy spread for toastAbsolute or total
Open a subject for discussionA kitchen pest
A burial moundOne is found in a quiver
Tree outcroppingA place to find cattle
Dimmed or poorly definedActor-Comedian Denis
Clorox, e.g.Percolate or filter
A type of houndA financial positive
A Biblical cityLucy Ricardo's neighbor
George of 'It's a Wonderful Life'Famed dancer Alvin
A plant diseaseNot heavy
Cow relatedSheep related
Actor MarlonSlang for a creepy person
Crass 'Futurama' robotOrson Scott Card's title character
Having less hair thanA type of tree
An Irish accentA scamp or scoundrel
Contract based card gameA range of hills
Act like a superball16 of this make a pound
Placement of a coffin in the groundA wild Asian sheep

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