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Can you name the fake female terms from clues that were made by adding -ESS to another clued word?

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Fake Female ClueAnswerReal Word Clue
A female donkeyMake an official dertmination or valuation
A female city in NW SwitzerlandWithout foundation or support
A female small heronContempt, cynicism and rancor
A female German townActor Meredith of 'Rocky'
A female automobileA tender touch
A female part of the church where the altar isDone without taking risks
A female version of actor Glover of 'Back to the Future'Appealing crunchiness
A female TV charater played by Jason LeeNot having hearing organs
A female painting supporterDifficult
A female street urchinQuality of deer or elk meat
A female that is chiseled or sculptedSomberness or importance
Female crushed stonesUnburied
A female that is perfectWithout any new thoughts
A female hip-length sleeveless jacketThe state of being a jackass
A female aniline dye discovererLiveliness or cockiness
A female northern seabird with a brightly colored beakBloatedness of the face
A female beforehandA head nun
A female bow of a shipDistinguished bravery, valor or skill
A female VCR buttonA break time at school
A female violin bow needOptimism
A female ruby or sapphireHaving no backbone

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