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Can you name the words and phrases that contain the letters ATTA in a row?

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PatternATTA AnwerClue
A T T A _ _ _An expert diplomat
A T T A _ _Gain or achieve
A T T A _A fragrant essential oil from roses
_ A T T A _ _ _ _A large millitary unit
_ A T T A _ _A reedy marsh plant with a brown furry top
_ _ A T T A _ _ _ _ _ _ _A large river in Georgia remembered in song by Alan Jackson
_ _ A T T A _ _ _ _ _Tennessee city that lends its name to a choo-choo
_ _ _ _ A T T AA broad, flat Italian bread
_ _ A T T A _ _ _Pulling power of a popular politician (or the back bits of a garment)
_ A T T A _ _Futuristic Jude Law and Ethan Hawke movie
_ _ _ _ _ A T T A _ _A myocardial infarction
_ _ _ _ A T T AJomo who led an African nation
_ _ _ _ A T T A _A borough of New York City
_ A T T A _Furniture made from stem-like wickerwork
_ A T T A _ _A mouse-like Pokémon
_ _ _ A T T AA rowing or a yachting competition
_ _ A T T A _ _ _ _Single or not married
_ A T T A _ _The power rating of a lightbulb

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