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Can you name the answers to these general trivia questions, intended for a college audience, that all share a theme?

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What Mexican food is most simply a wheat tortilla wrapped around a filling of rice and beans? 
What word is found between alpha and charlie in the NATO phonetic alphabet and is also the name of an American TV network? 
What New York city is home to the Bills and the Sabres of professional sports? 
What game played with a set of 75 numbered balls has a free space in the middle of the 5x5 card? 
What is the name of a generic athlete who plays for the Denver NFL team? 
What type of drum, common in Afro-Cuban music, is actually two drums bound together? 
What musician, born Paul Hewson, is the lead singer of U2? 
What instrument, common in bluegrass music, usually has 4 or 5 strings and a drum-like body? 
What was the name of Frodo Baggins' cousin who first brings the one ring back to The Shire? 
What fast-growing plant is the main food of the giant panda? 
What TV clown first appeared in 1949, and has been played by many people including Willard Scott? 
What is the name of Yogi's bear friend who helps him steal picnic baskets from Jellystone Park? 
What island, that is home to Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, is the third largest in the world? 
What woman, who was the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan, was assassinated in 2007? 
What actor, who won his first Oscar for 'On the Waterfront' famously declined his second Oscar for 'The Godfather' in absentia? 
What slow-tempo Latin dance shares its name with an orchestral piece by Maurice Ravel? 
What western African country has its capital in Ouagadougou? 
What is the name of the bear who befriends Mowgli in 'The Jungle Book'? 
What endangered great ape used to be called the pygmy chimpanzee? 
What was the name of the main antagonist to Popeye in the cartoons from 1932 to 1957? 
What is the name of Maria's brother and leader of the Sharks who is killed by Tony in 'West Side Story'? 
What is the name of a 1951 Ronald Reagan comedy film where he plays 'father' to a chimpanzee? 
What is the name of the Thane who hears the Three Witches with Macbeth and afterward Macbeth has him killed? 
What code, which means literally 'the way of the warrior', was followed by the samurai? 
What comic book villain first appeared in 1956 and was essentially a mirror image of Superman? 
What American figure skater and 1988 Olympic champion is featured as a recurring character in South Park? 
What is the capital and largest city of Mali? 
What is the name of either Italian greeting that means 'welcome' or 'good morning'? 
What city in northern Spain is home to Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum? 
What fourteenth century Italian author named Giovanni is most known for his 'Decameron'? 

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