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Can you name the answers to these general trivia questions intended for a college audience that all share a theme?

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What Christmas beverage is often seasoned with fresh nutmeg? 
What music genre, that started in Jamaica in the 1960s, is associated with the Marley family? 
What term is used in the Harry Potter world for humans who are not wizards? 
Who was Scooby-Doo's partner in cartoons that was voiced by Casey Kasem? 
What term for chunks of gold also shares its name with an NBA team? 
In a famous soliloquy, what short weapon does Macbeth 'see before' him? 
What Austrian became Mr. Universe before becoming a movie star and eventually the Governor of California? 
What is the first name of actresses Smith, Gyllenhaal, and Lawson? 
What food company, based in Battle Creek, Michigan, makes products like 'Frosted Flakes'? 
What Scottish dish consists of sheep or calf organs boiled inside the stomach of an animal? 
What is a term for a flock of geese? 
What is the name for the larva for an insect like a housefly? 
What rapper, who sang 'Gin and Juice', was born Calvin Broadus, Jr.? 
What part of a gun shares its name with Roy Rogers' horse? 
What is the surname of Jim Bob and Michelle who began cataloguing their life on '17 Kids and Counting'? 
What NYC modern art museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright built with money and named for philanthropist Solomon? 
What word-building game features a 4x4 grid of letters made by dice with letters on each side? 
What long flat-bottomed type of sled gets it name from an Algonquin word? 
What Hall of Fame player for the Yankees was also married to Marilyn Monroe? 
In 'Lord of the Flies,' what smart but frail character, who meets a horrible death, had glasses that were used to start all the fires? 
What is the term for an ancient Mesopotamian stepped pyramid? 
What term, that comes from Hindu mythology, is an unstoppable object or force, and gives its name to an X-Men/mutant with a power like that? 
What scientist theorized the so-called 'god particle' in 1964, a boson which has since been confirmed? 
What do you call a person from the capital of Manitoba? 
What ash tree is the central component to Norse mythology, connecting all nine of their known worlds with its roots and branches? 
What 8-letter word is a synonym for a pharmacist or chemist? 
What English actor has starred in 'Hot Fuzz' and 'Shaun of the Dead' and now plays Montgomery Scott in the 'Star Trek' reboot? 
What book of the bible, named for a minor prophet whose name means 'my holiday', falls between Zephaniah and Zechariah? 
What neighborhood of northwest Washington, DC, gives its name to the State Department because it is located there? 
What Australian children's music group foursome has been a sensation since 1991 with songs like 'Do The Monkey'? 

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