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Can you name the answers to these general trivia questions intended for a college audience that all share a theme?

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What color describes eyes that have greenish brown tones? 
What country's men's national team has won the World Cup in football/soccer the most times? 
What former prison island in the Bay Area is nicknamed 'The Rock'? 
What Japanese term, literally meaning 'divine wind', is used to describe suicide pilots? 
What word means a place where goods are stored, a type of periodical, and a gun cartridge holding ammo? 
What people, who spoke Nahuatl, dominated Mesoamerica in the 14th through 16th centuries until Cort├ęs came along? 
What 139 square mile portion of Palestine is on the Mediterranean and borders Egypt on its southwest? 
What is the largest river in the world by volume of water annual discharged? 
What was the name for a member of the German fascist party that rose to power from 1933 to 1945 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler? 
What TV series featured brothers Bo and Luke riding around in a car called the General Lee? 
According to the Bible, what brother of Mary & Martha did Jesus raise from the dead? 
What is the name of the Portland NBA team, a term which is also a synonym of pioneers? 
What Hebrew phrase meaning 'good luck' is used to wish congratulations at significant events? 
What music genre, often associated with improvisation, was named the word of the 20th century by the ADS? 
What former Soviet republic is the largest landlocked country in the world? 
What antitank weapon is essentially an open tube fired from the shoulder? 
Which boxer, nicknamed 'Smokin' Joe' beat Ali in the 1971 'Fight of the Century'? 
What is the capital city of Bolivia that contains the seat of government? 
What is the 2-word term for a rotating tray that is placed in the center of a table to help move food around? 
What is the name of small-sized swift antelope found in Asia or Africa, often modified with names like 'Thomson's'? 
What variety of grape, usually used for making red wine, is named after the 6th largest city in Iran? 
What leader of the Lakota people has been commemorated in an unfinished carved monument in the Black Hills? 
What reddish-brown gem is the birthstone for November? 
What Japanese automaker is named for the highest spirit in Zoroastrianism? 
What Greek-American director won Oscars for both 'On the Waterfront' and 'Gentleman's Agreement'? 
What Aussie rapper, who had hits with 'Fancy' and 'Black Widow', has a stage name that's a flower? 
What Cuban actor and bandleader served as a co-star and husband to Lucille Ball? 
What city in Libya, its second largest, has become synonymous with GOP investigations into a terrorist attack there? 
What surname is shared by the brothers Ivan, Alexei, and Dmitri in a Dostoyevsky novel? 
What Spanish Baroque painter of the 17th century painted for the Spanish court and is most known for his 'Las Meninas'? 

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