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Can you name the answers to these general trivia questions intended for a college audience that all share a theme?

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On the TV show Jeopardy!, what is the form that all responses must take? 
What lawn game is played with mallets trying to get the balls to go through wickets? 
What is the name of a house of worship for Islam? 
Which piece in chess is the only one that can move multiple spaces in 8 directions? 
Which Canadian province is home to Montreal? 
What is the general term used in the Olympics for all the events involving horse riding? 
What term for proper behavior is the field of expertise of people like Miss Manners? 
What son of Julio Iglesias has had hits with 'Hero' and 'Bailamos'? 
What is the term for a Mexican food that is a folded over tortilla filled with cheese and usually heated in a pan? 
With the exception of cars, what term is applied to authentic collectible items over 100 years old? 
What quantity in physics, which is measured in hertz, is inversely proportional to wavelength? 
What French song, called 'Are you sleeping' in English has the second line 'Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?' 
What is the term for a set of ordered numbers that follow a rule like the Fibonacci numbers? 
What is the 6-letter term for a cream based soup with seafood or pureed vegetables? 
What artistic style in Europe ran from about 1600 until the mid-1700s? 
By what nickname is English King William I also known? 
What city of half a million people is the largest in New Mexico? 
What medical device is used to stop bleeding or blood flow by twisting something around nearby the affected area? 
What southeast African country has its capital at Maputo? 
What ethnic group, with its own language, lives in the western Pyrenees straddling Spain and France? 
What university in Milwaukee is home to the Golden Eagles and named after a French explorer? 
What British term for a line is used in computer science for a type of data structure that's 'first in, first out'? 
What is the name of the UK version of a Treasury that is headed by a chancellor, who is essentially the minister of finance? 
What term meaning not perpendicular or parallel is used for the flat muscles in the abdomen? 
What slang for an accordion is also the name of a song by The Who? 
What sheep's milk cheese from the caves south of France is a very popular blue cheese? 
What is the Italian word for the number 5? 
What nickname was Lynnette Fromme, who tried to assassinate Gerald Ford, known by? 
What word meaning unnaturally ugly is used to describe animal-like architectural features that don't serve as drains like gargoyles? 
What word is given to name Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony? 
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