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Can you name the answers to these general trivia questions intended for a college audience that all share a theme?

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What sport can be played on an ice rink with sticks or on a field with sticks? 
What classic 2001 first person shooter shares its name with the headgear of an angel? 
Which of the 5 senses is carried through the auditory nerve? 
What US city hosts the Dynamo, the Rockets and the Astros? 
On 'The Simpsons,' who is the father of Bart, Lisa and Maggie? 
What member of the Ivy League is the longest operating college in the United States? 
What car company makes the Fit, the Civic and the Accord? 
What 1950's toy fad is named for the Hawaiian dance that its users almost emulate? 
Which regular 6-sided geometric figure has internal angles of 120 degrees? 
What beer-making ingredient, which imparts the bitter flavor to the drink, is actually a flower? 
Which Central American country has its capital in Tegucigalpa? 
What American TV show featured the tagline: 'Save the cheerleader. Save the world?' 
What unit of measure, that is exactly 4 inches, is used for measuring the height of horses? 
What holiday comes on the day before All Saints Day? 
What arm bone lends its name to the term 'funny bone?' 
In Greek mythology, who is the wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage? 
What is the capital city of Finland? 
Which of the noble gasses has the lowest atomic mass? 
What is the only 4-letter long NBA team to win the Championship? 
In The Lion King, Shenzi, Ed and Banzai are what type of animal? 
What is the number eight in French? 
Which king, who won the Battle of Agincourt, did Kenneth Branagh play on screen? 
What band is fronted by Courtney Love? 
What was Saigon renamed after the end of the Vietnam conflict? 
Which US President served the shortest term, only 32 days, after contracting pneumonia during the inauguration? 
What British author wrote 'Jude the Obscure' and 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles?' 
What controversial company that services oilfields had Dick Cheney as its CEO for 5 years? 
Which Beatles studio album featured 'Yesterday' and 'Ticket to Ride?' 
What 7-letter semi-soft Danish cheese made from cow's milk is often flavored with dill? 
What physicist is known for his uncertainty principle? 

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