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Can you name the 5-letter words that end in R and start A to Z*?

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5-Letter WordClue
AFossilized tree sap
BA thorny or prickly plant
CA green pickled berry or bud for cooking
DTurn aside or discourage
EOld-school anesthetic
FLargest human bone
GFloridian reptile, for short
HRemain suspended in air
IBury a body
JOne of 12 in a courtroom box
KFermented milk beverage
LOne of the simple machines
5-Letter WordClue
MThe leader of a city
NAfrican country with capital Niamey
OA playful water mammal
PTexas Hold 'Em, e.g.
QOdd or suspicious
RTalk without a credible source
SA throwing weapon
TBecome narrower toward one end
UProblem for stomach tissue
VBodily strength or force
WTwo hydrogens bound to an oxygen
ZEvans' partner who sang 'In the Year 2525'

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