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Can you name the 3-letter words that if you add an 'O' at the beginning you get a 4-letter word?

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4-Letter ClueO + Answer3-Letter Clue
Newspaper death notice0 or 1, to a computer
Head Norse godA loud racket
S-shaped moldingInterjection of surprise
Piggy soundQuill filler
Designer CassiniLower appendage
Butter substituteAugust on the Zodiac
Foul-smellingCover to a container
Arabian sultanateIrish Sea Isle
Actor EppsDamage the surface of
A sign of the futureAdult boys
A black stoneGreek goddess of night
4-Letter ClueO + Answer3-Letter Clue
Usually white gemBuddy
Ajar, like a doorCorral or sty
Mayberry moppetBoston Cream or Apple, e.g.
Comic strip penguinYellowish wound fluid
Algerian portDid a marathon
Of the earA muscle twitch
Elevator inventorAngela's Ashes' sequel
Squished circleActor Kilmer
Roman poetYouTube fare, for short
Was in debtMarry
Actor CliveA skin cyst

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