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Can you name the words from clues that are all the letters in ANIME jumbled up with the new sixth letter?

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ClueANIME + 1
Condition of not having enough iron in your blood (US)+ A
A movie theater+ C
Bobby Drake's alias as an X-Men+ C
Tomorrow, in French+ D
The child of Satan, in 'The Omen'+ D
One of the three holy cities of Islam+ D
The middle of an ordered series of values+ D
An unmarried woman+ D
A not nice person+ E
One of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse+ F
A street urchin+ G
An unsolvable puzzle+ G
Tedious and low-value like labor+ L
ClueANIME + 1
Actress Kanakaredes from 'CSI: NY' and Providence+ L
A lack of social or ethical standards+ O
Who Simple Simon was going to meet+ P
A person from the easternmost U.S. state+ R
A Hitchcock thriller with Tippi Hedren+ R
People who fly military planes+ R
Stay behind+ R
Relating to the sea+ R
A measurement taken for a tuxedo+ S
City in northern France in the Somme Department+ S
Organic groups with nitrogen having 3 single bonds+ S
A resident of a prison+ T
The capital of Niger+ Y

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