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Combination of Preakness, Belmont and the Kentucky Derby 
The capital, as well as largest, city of Libya 
One of the disputed regions that is part of Palestine 
One of the ingredients in a margarita 
A usually teenage volunteer in a hospital 
The Wizard of Id, Peanuts or Blondie, e.g. 
A place to see a pole dance or get a lap dance 
The process or materials used to seal the edges of doors and windows to keep out the cold 
A score of three stroke over par on a golf hole 
Triggerable mechanism attached to a booby trap or bomb 
When your class gets permission slips and goes to a museum 
Feature found on a Yankee uniform since 1915 
When all the outs come at once in an inning 
A housing unit that can support three families 
Stomach tissue often used as dog food 
A portable stand for supporting a camera 
A string of stores in one building usually along a highway 
A force that makes a body follow a curved path 
A one-sided surface named for a German mathematician 
Type of dare which things escalate to in 'A Christmas Story' 
Confidant of Monica Lewinsky who recorded her calls and was played by John Goodman on SNL 
Old media format that required a student to advance the images one frame at a time 
Process by where surface layers over ore are completely removed 
This is the largest travel website in the world with reviews and booking 
1996 film starring Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds 
She's also a Sunday driver (yeah) according to The Beatles 
Darrell the 3-time NASCAR champion 
Game they want to play on Friends, but use the Happy Days game instead 
Grooved edging on a highway to keep you in the lane 
Phrase meaning to dance nimbly to the music 
The official patriotic march since 1987 of the U.S. by John Philip Sousa 
When a baskeball player gets at least ten points, rebounds and assists 
A 3-paneled piece of art, like 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' 
Olympic track and field event introduced in 1896 
The full name of the molecule that cells use to store energy 
'Nickname' for the British Isles or London in 'Nineteen-Eighty Four' 
1985 movie for which Geraldine Page won an oscar 
Nickname for a captain in the U.S. Navy 
Structural feature found in both acetylene and carbon monoxide 
A young lad or boy or a Dodger pitcher Ross 
A comedy starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen 
The state fish of Maryland, officially named Morone saxatilis 
Monosyllabic vowel combo like in 'hour' that makes three sounds 
Phrase meaning to allow something to go at full speed 
Russia, France and the UK circa World War I 
A spell, originally from the Scottish or a mischievous act 
A facility for conducting automobile and motorcycle acceleration events 
Pact signed in Berlin in 1940 by Germany, Italy and Japan 
A dish for a cell culture named after a German scientist 
Any activity that lets you feel even better about one's self 
A state in northeast India next to Assam and Bangladesh 

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