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Can you name these words from definitions that contain the letters AMY in them in order?

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Pattern*AMY* WordClue
_ _ _ _ A M YBrothers David and Homer who sang 'Let Your Love Flow'
A M Y _ _ _ _A starch digesting enzyme found in saliva
_ _ _ A M YHaving a light soft texture or color
_ _ A M YLike the head of a beer
A M Y _ _ _ _ _Part of the limbic system in the brain
A M Y _ _ _Carrow of 'Harry Potter'
_ _ A M YSordid
_ _ _ A M Y _ _ _A sexually transmitted disease
_ _ _ A M YDisgrace or an evil reputation
_ _ _ A M YDelightful or ideal or fanciful
_ _ _ A M YMarriage to two people
_ _ _ _ _ A M YMark Sloan's nickname on 'Grey's Anatomy'

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