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Can you name the things that are all the name of a world capital with one letter changed?

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Almost Capitals
Uniting leader of the Zulus 
Toyota's subcompact car 
To walk lamely 
The black death 
Tarts, cookies and croissants, e.g. 
Spice for salmon or potato salad 
Run and play in a lively manner 
Prefix for one billion 
Percussion instruments made from gourds 
Money for profit or gain 
Almost Capitals
Make a pie in the oven 
Luxury division of Honda 
King Arthur's magician 
Italian high-end label from Milan 
Italian for bone, as in ___ buco 
Idiots or imbeciles 
Human, as a sci-fi race, often 
Home of the throat singers 
He knocked out Patterson in 1962 
Green citrus fruit 
Almost Capitals
'Univision's Oprah' former host Saralegui 
First-rate, like a job well done (hyph.) 
Ernie's muppet roommate 
Emitters of coherent light 
Don Draper or Darrin Stephens, e.g. 
Director Bill of 'Dreamgirls' & 'Kinsey' 
Diego's animated exploring cousin 
Completely, positively, or plenty 
Canal finished in 1914 
Bringer of gifts at Christmas 
Almost Capitals 
Brazilian actress Braga of 'Alias' 
Actress Allen of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' 
Actor Schreiber of 'Scream' 
Actor Michael of 'Broken Arrow' 
A yellow brown pigment or color 
A sleeveless garment of ancient Greece 
A memorial heap of stones 
A large brass instrument 
A diva's operatic solo 
5280 feet or 1760 yards 

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