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Can you state whether each of these statements about alkene and aklyne reactions is TRUE or FALSE?

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Ozonolysis of an internal alkyne will yield carboxylic acids.

Addition of excess HCl to an alkyne results in the formation of a geminal dihalide.
Hydration of unsymmetrical internal alkynes using HgSO4, H2SO4, and water will result in the formation of two isomeric ketone products.
In the mechanism of reducing an alkyne to an alkene, one step involves the transfer of a single electron from the sodium metal to the alkyne.

Ozonolysis may be used to determine if an alkene were cis or trans.
To synthesize a secondary propargyl alcohol, react an acetylide anion with a aldehyde and then perform an acid work-up.
An aldehyde may be synthesized from a terminal alkyne using HgSO4, H2SO4, and water.

The molecule cis-cyclohexene should not exist.

2-pentyne may be synthesized from acetylene, a base, and 1-bromopropane.

Keto-enol tautomerization is synonymous with resonance.

There is no such molecule called cyclohexyne.

The base NaNH2 is strong enough to deprotonate 2-hexyne.

To synthesize an acetylide anion, NaOMe may be used for deprotonation.
C10H16 reacts with 1 equivalent of H2 upon catalytic hydrogenation. Ozonolysis of this molecule results in the formation of two carbonyls.
In order to synthesize (3R,4S)-3,4-dibromohexane from 3-hexyne, one would reduce the alkyne to an alkene using H2/Lindlar's and then add Br2/CCl4.
To synthesize a trans alkene from the corresponding alkyne, use dissolving metal reduction conditions.

2-methylpropene is a good reagent to use to probe if a reaction is regiospecific.

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