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State whether the product of each of these reactions is an aldehyde (A), a ketone (K), or other functional groups (O).

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Reaction(A)ldehyde, (K)etone, or (O)ther
2-propanone + 1. HOCH2CH2OH, HCl
ethyl acetate + DIBAL (diisobutyl aluminum hydride)
cis-hex-3-ene + OsO4, H2O2, OH-
hex-1-yne + HgSO4, H3O+
butryl chloride + Li(Otbutyl)3H
1-bromoethane + 1. NaCN
3. H3O+
1-bromohexane + 1. NaOH
2. PCC in CH2Cl2
ethyl acetate + 1. excess EtMgBr
2. H3O+
CH3CH2CH2CN + 1. CH3MgBr
2. H3O+
ethyl acetate + Me2CuLi
butan-2-ol + PCC in CH2Cl2
2,2-dimethyoxypentane + H3O+
Reaction(A)ldehyde, (K)etone, or (O)ther
benzene + CO + HCl + AlCl3 + CuCl
but-2-ene + 1. O3, -78°C
2. dimethyl sulfide
1-hydroxy-1-ethyoxybutane + H3O+
2-hydroxybut-1-ene + H3O+
bromobenzene + 1. Mg
2. CO2
3. H3O+
butan-1-ol + K2Cr2O7, H2SO4
but-2-yne + 1. O3, -78°C
2. dimethyl sulfide
1-hydroxyprop-1-ene + OH-
benzene + AlCl3 + CH3(C=O)Cl
propene + mCPBA (m-chloroperoxybenzonic acid)
2,3-dimethylbut-2-ene + 1. O3, -78°C
2. dimethyl sulfide
hex-1-yne + 1. B(cyclohexyl)2H
2. H2O2, NaOH, H2O

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