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Can you name the initialism or acronym that was removed from each of these phrases or things?

Quiz Updated Mar 29, 2012

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Full version - AcronymAcronym
useum f odern rt
ring our wn ottle
night ndustries wo housand
ural ree elivery
ual ncome o ids
ndia ale le
est riend orever
hief xecutive fficer
oyal anadian ounted olice
udden nfant eath yndrome
adio requency entification
rish epublican rmy
ins bove eplacement
Full version - AcronymAcronym
orld restling ntertainment
elf-ddressed tamped nvelope
nitial ublic ffering
ardioulmonary esuscitation
others gainst runk riving
rime cene nvestigation
nited uto orkers
omitet osudarstvennoy ezopasnosti
xtra irgin live il
tional cuit mpany
xford nglish ictionary
orth orth-ast
way rom eyboard
eep t imple tupid
hat ould esus o

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