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Can you name the initialism or acronym that was removed from each of these phrases or things (vol. II)?

Quiz Updated Apr 6, 2016

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Full version - AcronymAcronym
yndon aines ohnson
ajor eague occer
orld ide eb
oint hotographic xperts roup
iles er our
uns atted n
ender oving are
ld igh erman
irginia ommonwealth niversity
ingle hite emale
alk o ou ater
onsumer alue tores
n y pinion
ew ork ity
nidentified lying bject
Full version - AcronymAcronym
nited rab mirates
orld ealth rganization
oyal ir orce
ritish roadcasting orporation
gnetha enny jörn nni-Frid
ono odium lutamate
on-layer haracter
nterontinental allistic issile
dio etecting nd anging
ead nly emory
niversal erial us
or our nformation
obile rmy urgical ospital
uman mmunodeficiency irus

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