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Can you name the initialism or acronym that was removed from each of these phrases or things?

Quiz Updated Feb 18, 2016

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Full version - AcronymAcronym
oints er ame
unners n coring osition
elf ontained nderwater reathing pparatus
pecial eapons nd actics
ot n y ackard
hat ou ee s hat ou et
ow et our other
reenwich ean ime
ohn itzgerald ennedy
upreme ourt f he nited tates
orld f arcraft
ed ot hili eppers
uperonic ransport
ersonal igital ssistant
uod rat emonstrandum
Full version - AcronymAcronym
etro oldwyn ayer
retty arn uick
ing ames ersion
nno omini
rans orld irlines
eoxyriboucleic cid
aturday ight ive
ritish hermal nit
hank oodness t's riday
ord f he ings
or he in
augh ut oud
errell wens
easles umps ubella
en n lack

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