Organic Chemistry A-Z

Can you name the organic chemistry terms from A to Z clued below?

This functional group arises when a primary alcohol is oxidized by PCC (pyridinium chlorochromate)A
This three-membered cationic intermediate forms when Br₂ reacts with an alkeneB
This condensation reaction occurs when two esters combine to form a beta-ketoesterC
This Nobel Prize-worthy cyclic reaction requires a diene and a dieneophileD
This is the technical term for a molecule or its non-superimposable mirror imageE
This reaction occurs when an acid chloride is combined with a benzene ring and AlCl₃F
This is the name of an organomagnesium compound that is formed from Mg and an alkyl halideG
The aromaticity of a cyclic compound is determined by this rule which requires [4n+2] pi electronsH
This functional group will form when a ketone reacts with a primary amineI
Any source of chromium(VI) ions and sulfuric acid form this mixture used to oxidize alcoholsJ
This functional group arises when a carbon is double bonded to both an oxygen and another carbonK
This hydrogenation catalyst for alkynes is made by 'poisoning' palladium with lead acetate, etc.L
The term for an addition reaction which favors a group adding at the more substituted positionM
This type of drawing shows the relative stereochemistry of two carbons along a bondN
This oxidative reaction with an allotrope of oxygen splits alkenes into two carbonyl compoundsO
This alcohol, with formula C₆H₅OH, has a pKa of about 10 and used to be called carbolic acidP
This heterocycle with the formula, C₉H₇N, is a pyridine fused to a benzene Q
This reaction to make 6-membered rings, is a condensation reaction followed by an aldolR
This one-pot synthesis makes amino acids from cyanide, ammonium, and a carbonylS
This is a type of isomerization reaction where functional groups interconvert, like enol to ketoneT
This functional group, also called a carbamate, is made of both an amide and an esterU
This term, from the Latin for neighbor, describes when two things are bound to neighboring carbonsV
This reaction between an alkoxide and a primary alkyl halide will produce ethers W
This is the common name of dimethyl benzene, and mixtures of its isomers make a good solvent X
This organophosphorus zwitterion is one of the two things needed for the Wittig reactionY
During elimination reactions, this rule states that the more substituted alkene should formZ
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