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QUIZ: Can you name the hyphenated words and phrases that all contain an isolated letter of the alphabet?

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Courses and exams used in the British educational system for 16-18 year oldsA
Viral disease of the liver that is usually sexually-transmittedB
278.437 Hz or the 40th key from the left on a pianoC
Rock band formed by Jack Black and Kyle GlassD
The key of Dvořák's symphony 'From the New World'E
60's sitcom set at Fort Courage, Kansas just after the Civil WarF
A hypothetical location on the body that can lead to strong sexual arousalG
In physics, this is the symbol for Planck's constant divided by 2 piH
The anglicized title of the Chinese 'Book of Changes' circa 50 BCEI
The Washington, DC based pro-Israel lobbying groupJ
US Army combat food from WWIIK
This drug is used in the treament of Parkinson's diseaseL
David Henry Hwang gender-bending play based on a Puccini operaM
A class of semiconductors doped with an excess of electronsN
Jack Lord police TV drama rebooted recentlyO
In stats, this probability is used to show something is statistically significantP
Tony-winning muscial that is a spoof of shows like 'Sesame Street'Q
Sue Grafton's 18th Kinsey Millhone novel |OR| 2010 #1 hit by Ke$haR
The slower earthquake emanating disturbance S
The Ford car also known as the Tin LizzieT
A German submarineU
A type of sweater that plunges in the front centerV
Starwood's luxury boutique brand relative to the Westin and SheratonW
TV show featuring agents Fox Mulder and Dana ScullyX
Another name for the millennialsY
Post-apocalyptic zombie book which will star Brad Pitt in its upcoming movieZ

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