Holiday Quiz / 2015 Christmas Hunt: A Holiday Island Adventure

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Can you complete this quiz and solve the puzzle inside it?

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For this quiz (or any others), feel free to use outside resources. The goal is for you to just have fun.
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İmralı, Gökçeada, Marmara
Capri, Sicily, Murano
Mukawwa, Pharaoh's, Shadwan
Idjwi, Tshegera, Iwawa
Sakhalin, Severny, Bolshevik
Tasmania, Kangaroo, Melville
Zealand, Ærø, Funen
Santay, Galápagos, Puná
Don Khong, Don Det, Don Kohn
Réunion, Martinique, Corsica
Kodiak, Oahu, Manhattan
Conchagüita, Meanguera, Meanguerita
Corfu, Myknos, Santorini
Masirah, Al Hallaniyah, Telegraph

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