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Can you name the 6-letter words that start and end with the same given letter from clues?

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Greek goddess of wisdomA
A broad-trunked tree of Australia or MadagascarB
NBA player in Boston or one of Irish descentC
Mickey Mouse's duck friendD
One of the continentsE
Baseball's original Iron Man LouG
One's state of well-beingH
Narrow strips of land connecting two land massesI
An Alaskan island or type of bearK
A legume with edible seedsL
El Prado or Le Louvre, e.g.M
A unit of force named after Sir IsaacN
Book format made from folding a quartoO
Actor Seymour Hoffman or composer GlassP
Fix something that's been brokenR
Tension, strain, or pressureS
Type of shop that Macklemore sang aboutT
Havel the playwright and Czech presidentV
A tree that comes in a weeping varietyW
Every 365 daysY

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