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Can you name the 5-letter words that start and end with the same given letter from clues?

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The largest artery in the human bodyA
A short description about an author or a plotB
A top-selling model of Honda carsC
A feeling of great fear or uneasinessD
Run off to get marriedE
Lint or a spreadable form of marshmallowF
A Russian prison campG
A strong intuitive feeling about somethingH
A person from Basra or BaghdadI
A rap on the door with your knucklesK
Slanderous writingL
A device to connect to the internetM
A polymer used in stockingsN
Perform better than someone elseO
Pleasantly rotund, like a turkeyP
A sharp device for shavingR
A hollow tract to the noseS
A bird sound or 140 character updateT
The native name for Ayers RockU
A woman who has lost her mateW
A popular antianxiety medicationX
Quite tastyY

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