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QUIZ: Can you name the words that share exactly one of the four letters in the right spot with JULY?

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J _ _ _
Tool for lifting up a car to change a tire 
Slang for coffee or an island 
A style of music or Utah NBA team 
A durable twill fabric like denim 
A 4-wheel drive former military vehicle 
An unpleasant person or a quick pull 
One who brings bad luck 
One who focuses too much on sports 
Enlist in a group 
A witty statement 
_ U _ _
A radiant cloud around your head 
A statue of just head and shoulders 
A circular loop of hair 
A set of money set aside for a purpose 
A Hindu religious teacher or expert 
This is what a rabbit's foot brings 
Interjection of pain 
A dark reddish purple color 
The ivory on an elephant 
_ _ L _
A bundle of hay 
A large extravagant party 
Aid or provide assistance 
1000 grams 
The essence of all dairy food 
Relative of a caplet or capsule 
The part one plays in a movie 
A farm building for storing graine 
Four of this hold up a ceiling 
Sag like old flowers 
_ _ _ Y
A military group 
Head + torso + limbs 
Declare untrue or refuse to accept 
Not difficult 
Remove the skin from 
Follow orders 
Feeling of sorrow for others 
Remain behind 
Holder for your dishes at a buffet 
Curds partner for Miss Muffet 

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