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Can you name the phrases and things that contain the word 'zero'?

Updated Mar 22, 2013

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Clue'Zero' Phrase
This is what astronauts experience in space
A policy of automatic punishment for rule infractions in schools and workplaces
Ben Stiller and Bill Pullman detective film
A brand of freezers or a Mortal Kombat character
A situation when a gain for some results in a loss for others
2012 movie about finding Osama bin Laden
The first case in an outbreak of disease, as in AIDS
Actor who played Tevye and Max Bialystock
Focus attention toward an objective
Atmospheric conditions that prevent navigation by eye
An internet service provider based in California
A common name for the location of the former World Trade Center
Bret Easton Ellis' first published novel
British duo who sang 'In The Waiting Line'
No calorie soda launched in 2006
This is -273.15 degrees Celsius
The time when a military action is expected to start

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