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Can you name the following words with these vowel combinations?

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_A_A_AYellow, peelable fruit
_A_A_EPlace to store a car
_A_A_IModern name of Nyassaland
_A_A_OLangauge of the 'code talkers'
_A_A_UHome to Kubla Khan
_A_E_AFormer Polish president Lech
_A_E_ETerm for a reproductive cell
_A_E_ISaturday, in French
_A_E_OA roofed structure with a view
_A_E_UThe capital of Lesotho
_A_I_ASpit, technically
_A_I_EOpposite of feast
_A_I_IElk or red deer
_A_I_OA mottled type of cat
_A_I_UCalfornia beach or type of Barbie
_A_O_ACity near Seattle
_A_O_EConditional release of a prisoner
_A_O_IKnighted British actor Derek
_A_O_OFirst name of designer Blahnik
_A_O_U'To know' in Japanese and a name*
_A_U_A'___ Beach: The Real Orange County'
_A_U_EAnimal dung used to fertilize
_A_U_IStylized Japanese theater
_A_U_OFamed tenor Enrico
_A_U_UA wreckfish or the river it's from*

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