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Updated Aug 27, 2012

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Clue4-Letter Word
↪ What carnivores eat ↩
Breakfast or dinner, e.g.
↪ Carnivorous dish from calves ↩
Light cloth used to cover the face
A carrier of deoxygenated blood
'Chicken Chow ___'
Israeli leader Golda
'Dead Poets Society' director Peter
Put on clothing
Ursine animal
Drink of fermented malt and hops
↪ Carnivorous dish from cattle ↩
A large collection of coral
An oboe has a double one
Peruse a book
A paved path for cars
A crucifix
Building material from trees
This ladder has 38 of this item
Clue4-Letter Word
Actor Harrison
Eating utensil with tines
↪ Carnivorous dish from pigs ↩
Fortified red wine
This vertical portion holds up a fence
A clenched hand for punching
↪ What a pescetarian eats ↩
A genie can grant three of this
A brand of laundry detergent
Briefly shut one's eye to tease
A person very knowlegeable about politics
Toot your horn
One is used to catch food for a pescetarian
The foot of a horse
Star of 'Knight Rider' and 'Baywatch,' for short
Fop or pretentious upperclass person, to a Brit
↪ Soy-based protein source for non-carnivores ↩

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