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Can you name the adverb that completes these Tom Swifties?

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Tom SwiftyAdverbFirst Letter Length
'During the war, I got only small amounts of sugar and coffee,' Ann said ___.R-10
'It's too soon to say my son is too young to behave like an adult,' Debbie said ___.P-11
'I'm going to slay each and every vampire so that it hurts a lot,' Buffy said ___.P-13
'Stop hanging out by the bow of the ship,' Gilligan said ___.S-7
'Oh well, I'll never put my arm in another tiger's mouth,' Lance said ___.O-11
'My hands have become rough from manual labor,' Madge said ___.C-9
'Hurry, what is my next line in this scene?' William asked ___.P-8
'I hardly care that she tore my valentine in two,' Gregory said ___.H-13
'Our knees are killing us today,' Trip and Brian said ___.J-7
'This salsa on my taco has no bite to it,' Juan said ___.M-6
Tom SwiftyAdverbFirst Letter Length
'I keep getting light-headed and passing out in class,' Silas said ___.F-7
'The tire... change it... so we can continue,' Jeffrey said ___.F-6
'I'm afraid they are remaking Nightmare on Elm Street,' Wes said ___.C-8
'I'm shocked to hear Harvard was created by idiots in 1636,' Erin said ___.D-13
'The treasure is below Texas or Oregon,' Dirk said ___.U-13
'I love all the numbers that are greater than zero,' Chris said ___.P-10
'I just have to tell you, puttanesca is better than pesto,' Rafael said ___.S-7
'I really am not fond of going to cemeteries for funerals,' Hugh said ___.G-7
'Well, if it isn't the little jailbird coming downstairs,' John said ___.C-15
'Xena was a kick-ass character to play,' Lucy said ___.L-9

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