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Can you name the words that have only three vowels that all match?

Quiz Updated Nov 8, 2016

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It is a good ability to be able to handle the constructive form of thisIII
This North African country has its capital at Rabat and is home to CasablancaOOO
A cosmetic that is used to make one's eyelashes darker and more prominentAAA
This is both a famous atoll and a two-piece swimsuit named for itIII
This computer program's name has become a verb meaning to doctor picturesOOO
This peak in the Himalayas was first climbed by Sir Edmund HillaryEEE
This sect of Judaism strictly adheres to the Torah and the TalmudOOO
This is both the name of a music festival and Snoopy's sidekickOOO
Former governor of New Hampshire and the Chief of Staff for George H.W. BushUUU
A female demonic form that attacks men sexually during their sleepUUU
Hermes served in this role for the Greek pantheon, and Mercury for the RomansEEE
This word is Swahili for freedom and is the source of a Star Trek officer's surnameUUU
A type of winter melon with usually whitish or yellowish fleshAAA
A former prison island named for the Spanish word for PelicanAAA
This brand name has become synonymous with facial tissuesEEE
This word means unlawful and is often used to describe street drugsIII
An indented collection of sentences about the same topicAAA
This magazine, owned by the Washington Post, is a direct competitor to Time EEE
The first name of the wizard Fletcher who is in the Order of the PhoenixUUU
This is the capital city of the former Soviet Republic of GeorgiaIII

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